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to the best levels in years. the s&p up over 15% in 2012. but can this bull run laps? cramer is taking on the technicals to find out on a critical edition of "off the charts." and later, playing dress-up? forget tom-kat. tonight cramer is trying on a fashionable name that could be the next success. should you be slipping your portfolio into something more comfortable? plus, healthy headlines? the biggest bio tech names are showing off the new medical innovations this week. cramer has his eye on a pew drug makers that could provide the best medicine for your portfolio. find out what's at the top of jim's list just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a seconds of "mad money." have a question? wheat cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail. or give us a call. 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. ♪ [ male announcer ] the exceedingly nimble, ridiculously agile
] [ house of pain ] yet what did we get? the dow rallied 12 points. the s&p losing just .11%. minuscule. i have been schooled. i know you don't want to hear about how confused i am, how mystified. you want me to explain what happened in a way that makes it clear and rational. if you read my midnight tweetweet tweets @jimcramer about how fedex's blown quarter was like a running back with a blown knee going into the big fantasy game or the big game between the cowboys and giants meaning a tough session ahead of us then you know i got the market wrong. hey, i don't like being wrong. i don't like thinking federal express can preannounce negative earnings and out barely affects the averages. the dow didn't go down. uh-uh prefer markets that are predictable, logical. this one is not acting like any other market i can recall because of the myriad other times fedex missed the mark. almost every single time it brought the whole stock market down hard. that's how integral the company is to the transport index which you know i follow. part of the process of uh trying to be a good investor is to figur
a first-class breakout. ♪ hallelujah with the dow soaring 207 points. s&p flying 1.63% and the nasdaq falling 1.33%. you don't want me to do something and i'm not going to do it. i don't want to get too caught up in fedspeak to describe exactly what ben bernanke did today. some say it's qe-3. others say it's a continuation of operation twist. billions in mortgage bonds to be bought by the fed, pretty much guaranteeing for anyone who wants to do anything with borrowed money including buy, build, or fix up a house. not the way i play it. to me it's important to visualize what bernanke's doing. hence this ridiculous celebrity get-up. because i am a celebrity. you see, bernanke's been trying to get this economy hot enough to spur hiring and send unemployment down for ages. and so far he's had no luck whatsoever. what he needs to do now is light a fire under this economy. and these grills represent the stages of frustration of the fed chief. you see, he started with the kingsfords. but what did he do? initially he used some very weak lighter fluid. like rate-cutting, modest bond buying, be
topping out? new 52-week high s daily. markets soaring to the highest levels in years. but can this bull run last? kramer is taking on the technicals to find out on a critical edition of off the charts. >> and later playi ining dress . kramer is finding companies to cash in my breaking up. tonight he is trying on a name that could be the next one of success. should you be slipping your portfolio into something for comfortable? and kramer has his eye on a new drug makers that could provide the best medicine for your portfolio. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." foll follow @jimkramer on twitter. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. see something, head to with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the mos
one on the s&p 500 like no one else ever saw. i think you would have to be crazy. she is back and bigger than ever. remember, it bottomed back on june 4th. back on june 12th, she told me she was drawing a line in the sand. take a look at the s&p's daily chart. she said her numbers, a series of ratios that are found over and over again in nature. if you believe that the chart indicated that the bottom was the real deal. the s&p could be about to experience a major rally. she told me i want to make this call. she put the gun to her head and that was her confidence level. that was her moment when everybody was terrified that the world was about to blow up. the doom and bloom was that was all you heard from. she didn't listen to the chatter. in fact, she came up with a price target that seemed absurd. she rallied 10% higher than where it was at the time. i thought it might be embarrassing. i couldn't have the queen back on. the queen would be toppled. look at this fast forward to today. sure enough, last week the s&p peaked not at 1464, not at 1468, but at 1474. this was a babe ru
. they should have been crushed. laid to waste. but we closed the day in the black? the dow closing 15 points, s&p goinging .4, nasdaq up .02? it was unbelievable. it was unfathomable. i'm sure many of you are thinking what the heck is going on with this whacko nut job -- come on. humor me. we have the worst estimate to job creation number in ages. a number that's so disappointing. i mean, just incredible. it took your breath away. out's not a random commerce department figure. some boring purchasing manager's report. some consumer confidence number. it's a big enchilada. the nonfarm payroll report. out's got guac and picante. it's the most important number yet. the one with maximum negative um pact on the stock market when it's been a wee bit disapointing as opposed to missing by a country mile like today. you have the biggest semiconductor company on earth intel preannouncing a tremendous miss many sales, meaningful decline in gross margins. intel used to be important. let's look at growth wars in tablet and smartphone. the best acting stocks, google, amazon, apple, three-way free-for-all that
words, when you're saying that a stock ask-s a sell, sell, sell and it gets slaughtered day after day at some point you have to know when to declare victory and just move on. that's the lesson of first solar. in may i zeroed in on why i thought first solar was a value trap. a stock that appears to be cheap but going much lower because the business is in long term decline. i was feeling good about myself on that one. pat myself on the back. i was so pumped because i told you to get out of first solar when it was $138. it's been down, 60s, 30s, 40s, 20s and i thought it might be what we call a zero shot, meaning going all the way down to zero. i couldn't resist issuing one more sell call when it hit 13. i said it was untouchable as it depend on subsidies as they were going away. without those i said the products were too uneconomic to buy. i dismissed the antidumping tariffs anticommerce dumped on chinese solar imports. even as it was a major 31% tariff that made it so first solar was more competitive. plus i dismissed the importance of green energy to germany and orders kept coming thr
is good for our banks. that combined with the bernanke soon-to-be similar laws numbers, the s & p 500 and the banks were fabulous today. bank of america is leading this market. third, last night the chinese pulled the trigger on some big stimulus projects that should help our industrial stocks. these projects i'm talking about things like roads, sewers systems, sub waste, united technologies or machinery business like caterpillar. did you see those stocks today? now of course we need them backed up with sunday night rate hikes or otherwise. stay tuned. i'll tell you. fourth, as much as we might appreciate the good work that intel's done for the p.c. industry over the years, the slow death rattle of the p.c., it's really starting to speed up. it's not weakness in technology. not. it's a secular shift meaning it's like kind of you can't stop it. towards smart phones and tablets. the notebook, net book and ultrabook all key to the growth story at intel are starting to lose out to the tablet in such a meaningful way that it's hurting this p.c.-based semiconductor company. how much is it h
plains, 87 in louisville. we'll have the 80s and 90s across the east and we'll track this system as it moves that way and brings more scattered showers and storms, unsettled weather for saturday, sunday we trim down, where most of these showers are it clears out in atlanta and places like louisville. monday looking quiet across much of the country from the east to the west. 76 in los angeles and a nice 76 in louisville. still pretty hot and muggy across the gulf coast. here's your tuesday outlook, tuesday a few showers over the colorado rockies. we'll be wautching the tropics, something to tune in for as we track two systems in the atlantic. you can always "wake up with al" and stephanie weekday mornings 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. right here on the weather channel. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i wo
to the stock. when panera was in the 40s, my daughter wanted lunch. i said where do you want to go? which was panera. why did it have to be panera? because they have the healthiest salad, she says. the whole team eats there. she liked the chicken caesar with no chicken, no tomato, hold the dressing. what can i say? there's no accounting for taste. a home run that turned out to be the stock's now 120 points higher. how about apple? some 650 points. wow. when i bought my youngest her second ipod, i found out they were fashion accessories. how could you beat that? like jewelry but more valuable. who has one necklace or bracelet she reminded me. i stuck with it all the way up. hey, dad, i want the new ipod, itunes -- i want the 4s, the ipad, one and two. no, they didn't get all of them. i'm not in to spoiling, although i'm not in the 47%. so i got comfortable with the idea when my kids like something like panera, like apple, i could be on a really on to something really tremendous. nevertheless, what they are not on to is valuation. you see panera never really did get as expensive as others,
55 points. s&p slipping just 0.12%. nasdaq, advanced 0.26%. what do i mean when i say things might be so bad that they're actually good? i'm talking about a theme that's so alien that most of you watching at home, as we run into a vicious gaunt let of news this week that will probably determine much of how the historically miserable month b of september pans out. let's flush things out. first, regular watchers of this show know that stocks ultimately react to the future. not the past or the current set of circumstances. the immediate reaction to down beat news may be negative, but negative news tends to spur policy actions by governments, and those actions can work to stimulate growth. provided they're aggressive and smart enough to turn economies around. let's take the three big bad-good battlegrounds. china, europe, and the united states. look, we know that china used to be one of the world's great growth engines. it almost single handedly kept the global economy afloat during the global recession. but after playing the roe of the world's economic engine for so long, the chinese
's rally where the dow rocketed 245 points, the s&p rose 2.04%, and the nasdaq vaulted 2.17% is about something different. it's about asking whether companies are better off than they were four years ago, not you. because those are the old stock prices we are now challenging with this amazing run. the stock prices of companies now versus then. are they better off? the difference between policy and profits confuses more of you than just about anything else i know. we all know people who are hurting. there is not a lot of hiring going on. five years ago we had 5% unemployment. now it's 8%. that's an election issue. i'm sure a lot of people aren't better off because of the tough job market. that's not what's at stake when it comes to our stocks. we are not investing in whether you find it easy or hard to get a job. we are not investing in your ability or inability to get along. we are not investing in homes, many which are nowhere near the prices they were four years ago. we aren't investing in the hideous national debt. most important, we are not investing in the government of the presi
a version in europe that's less expensive. they could potentially bring it to the u.s. which would crush questcor's margins. but anne analysts tell me novartis won't do that. why? because for them to go through the studies required for fda approval in the u.s. and marketing expenses it could cost hundreds of millions of dollars, more money than they could recoup from selling the low-priced drug here given it would have only three years of exclusivity. the economics don't make sense for me. that's good news for questcore. they're not all idiots. honestly, i looked this up and down. up and down. plus the gel isn't the same as acth. if someone did have a generic competition, remember, actar is approved for 19 different indications. anyone wanting to challenge them has to go through 19 clinical trials. that's a huge barrier for entry. i don't want to be hard on the shorts here. first of all, shorts bring a lot of attention to different situations. a lot of them are convinced it must be some kind of scam. i can kind of sort of see where they're coming from, even if i think they're wrong. ques
ground to a mixed close, dow losing 17 points. awe, there goes that streak! s&p ending slightly low, down 0.01%. nasdaq advancing 0.13%. not bad. what it says is we're in a good market. the fed is throwing gasoline on the fire. europe is getting its act together slowly but surely, i think. and as long as you don't fall into the trap of buying companies that are what we call long-term secular decline, meaning if the economy gets better, they won't do well, i think you'll do just fine. i think we're done with the days when the averages get hammered. and then stay hammered. i think we're now in a world where they can't rebound fast enough on some days. that's the new environment. at least until the end of the year. as hedge fund managers desperately try to catch up to the averages by picking up stocks aggressively on pretty much every dip, that's been this pattern. so with that in mind, what is the game plan for next week? what what do you do for an encore if your stock is already up 86% in one year already? that's lennar's burden. lennar reports right when the market opens on monday. here i
hedge fund managers, are expected to beat the s&p 500. that's what you pay them for as you would just assume be it where you pay teeny, tiny fees. what is the point of giving a hedge fund manager on top of 20% as the year ticks by, some 90% are getting frantic. they have a buy and can't make up the performance. that's how you feel. it looks like jesus and they don't want to pay up for merchandise. that often leads to underperformance. they respond high and sell low. even the most knuckle head partner knows that. when you get a price break like you have from fedex or norfolk southern or caterpillar, what you find is the managers take advantage of the price break and don't let the stock cascade down like it used to. although my charitable trust which you can follow along is beating the market, we felt like we got a good chance to buy a quality retail like bed, bath, and beyond when it blew up. and remember they might be doing it, too. and the market doesn't fall as much as it should. so let's consider a couple of reasons for the cushion, especially considering that september has been an
to thinking how can we slow business spending so that the collision won't destroy us? it's not just the u.s. that's a drag. china, there's a big hate on china right now. china is big hat. no. big mao cap no cattle. the worst downturn in two months is more representative of what's happening because there is no unity between the rich and poor nations. don't they show that there's no real hope for fiscal reform in that wounded country? today's action, i heard all day it's phony. me and many portfolio managers buy stocks and move them higher to the end of the quarter to get a little gain there. the conclusion, if this were monday coming up, a new month, a new quarter, you would see this entire markup window dressing period, the deal, and we were right back into that downturn that just began and has much further to go. these are some real heavy negatives that could turn even the most optimistic of the bulls into bears. let's take a look at the bullish side. just when we were starting to be afraid of what's going on in europe despite the rise, offering exactly what the richer countries like germa
. but that security isn't, it is not the s&p 500 which trades only in part as a function of profits and often buffeted by unforeseeable events. second, even if you're relating to the earnings component to our own gdp and you find the earnings trajectory waning, how about the other component of owning so many stocks. the dividend yield. yes, it might be possible the profits are peaking, but tomorrow the federal reserve's going to talk about what it'll do to stimulate the economy. and we'll hear that part of ben bernanke's plan is to keep interest rates low, but perhaps, even, i heard this chatter, 2015. that means three more years of making no more than a percent or a percent and a half on your cds, lousy, and even less for that money fund you're hiding in. meanwhile, we know hundreds of relatively safe stock markets that yield north of 3%, 4%, 5%. and if you don't own them, think about it, you might be missing out on three years of that kind of terrific income, three years. further, there are the mechanics of the money management business to focus on as having been a money manager, i think i can live
? >> so we are bigger now outside the u.s. than inside the u.s. certainly as you go forward the next few years you will see a lot more growth on the international side and ultimately, you know, i think that's the story for restaurant companies and for domino's. you got just over 4% of the world's population in the u.s. so, you know, with 7 billion people, only 300 million in the u.s., you got to have that international growth story. that's where most of our growth will come from. we have proven it works but we still have a lot of upside, a lot of room for us to grow international. >> in your recent august presentation you have a list of international opportunity. i have to ask you because i thought some numbers were at, look, your numbers. but i got understand how you get this. we're talking about top ten markets potential store count, india right now you have 484. you think you can have a thousand? why do we need a thousand domino's in india? >> you know, i think ultimately you may even see more upside than that. we're on a pace this year where i think we are going to get around a hundr
're a lot bigger inside the u.s. and as you go forward the next few years, you're going to see a lot more growth on the international side. and ultimately, i think that's the story for restaurant companies and for dominos. you've got 40% of the restaurant business in the u.s. you've got to have that international growth story, that's where most of our growth is going to come from, we have proven it works but we have still got a lot of upside, a lot of room for us to grow in international. >> you have a list of international opportunity. i got to ask you this, because i thought some of these numbers were -- look, they're your numbers, but i got to understand how you get this. we're talking about top ten markets, potential store count, india, right now you have 484. you think you can have 1,000. why do we need 1,000 dominos? india? >> i think ultimately you may even see more upside than that. we're on a pace this year where i think we're going to get around 100 stores open in india, you've got over a billion people. the cash on cash returns of the stores are absolutely phenomenal, we're sti
to the upside. >> hallelujah! >> and now you've got a real good gain from the bottom, which was in the mid-80s, where the analysts, they all gave up hope. [ booing ] >> considering just how cheap the stock is, sells for about 15 times earnings, historically traded at 17.6 times earnings and is selling at a discount to yum! brands, which is not a better bred company than mcdonald's, yeah, there are some analysts who stuck with it. but the downgrades, they were thick and furious. mcdonald's is a 3% yielder, and i suspect a dividend boost could be in the works later this year. that's what best of breed companies do. they always have fabulous ceos waiting in the wings like thompson and skinner before him. seasoned pros totally ready for the helm. and if the firm screws up, misses, these execs right the course asap and you end up with a terrific buying opportunity whenever they get hammered and whenever fear is driving the sellers. mcdonald's is not alone. how about this coach? coach is best of breed. it's a best of breed handbag company and produced terrific returns over time traveling from $11 in
call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. after today's sweet action, dow gaining 54 points, s&p advancing 0.40, nasdaq jumping .89%, on top of yesterday's incredible ben bernanke-induced run -- >> hallelujah! >> -- i'm sure many of you are wondering where do we go from here. you know what? i like to take things one day at a time. and that's what i'm doing for the game plan for next week. we are in the hart of conference season. and that means while there aren't a lot of earnings reports, you still need to do a heck of a lot of listening. and i've got some trigger pulls. but let's just talk about the conferences. because if you haven't been an institutional trainer or a portfolio manager, you won't understand this. i'm going to explain it. conferences matter tremendously. consider the big surge in the bank stocks we had this week. that had a lot to do with positive commentary out of major banks that cake to new york and spoke, particularly bank of america, which overnight has turned from laggard to leader. if the lawsuits are factored in and housing is indeed coming back, as i believe it, th
points, the s&p increasing 1.73% and the nasdaq up 4.82. that's because people not only don't believe this rally, they think it's on its last legs, at all times. and that when it ends, it will peel not 4 or 5%, but it's going to give up the whole shebang. first let me tell you what i told my newfound friend after i gave max the 2 bucks for the extra large java with just a little bit of milk. i answered oh, yeah? the day of reckoning? guess what, pal, because i always pal people if i'm not buddying them or chiefing them, guess what, pal, we already had it. you might have missed it if you blingd. it was the hideous move from the dow down about four years ago. now that was one serious day of reckoning, captain. with that i then disappeared in my building and began to ponder how i could have answered this gentleman if i had a more time. now the reckoning we had circa 2008 to 2009 is more like the flu shot i got yesterday, and i hope you're going to get one, especially if i work with you. it doesn't ensure you won't get the flu any more than the collapse of the market between 2008 and 2009
21 points lower, s&p sank 2.22%, and the nasdaq declined .60%. apple today failed to take out its all-time high, except this all-time high came three days ago. down $9.30. in stark contrast to the fresh high made by its plus-$700 neighbor google. fresh high, fresh high after multiple years. of course this $700 hook is just a device to capture your attention. as google is worth about 245 billion while apple at 691 is worth 648 billion. remember, the actual dollar price doesn't matter as much as the price to earnings multiple. the way to compare apples to apples so to speak when you're comparing apples to googles is to look at that p/e ratio on next year's numbers. what's the market paying for the future profit streams of the two companies? google selling at 15 times next year's earnings. apple selling at 13 times. when you stloe in the fact the analysts believe google will grow revenue slightly faster than apple, i'm calling that a push. all that said, if you were to put a gun to my head and ask me which one i like more at these prices, i would say first, put the gun down. google versu
, there are the money management business to focus on. that is incredibly low, yet beating the s&p is why you pay an investment manager to handle your portfolio, isn't it? if you can't get that additional performance beyond the s&p 500, why not just own an index fund? and 90% of managers out there recognize their clients are asking these questions and they want answers before the end of year. you need to know, i found it almost impossible to catch up to the averages if i were behind by holding a ton of cash when so many other managers are trying to play catch up to the averages every day. they can't wait for a downturn in the market. they have to buy every dip to beat the averages. if the theory holds some water, there's so many managers who feel they have to chase stocks higher in order to beat the averages in order to keep the assets under management. they're playing for dinner. but there's something more important that could derail your portfolio. and this is a huge point. you should be managing a portfolio of stocks. and not simply be at the mercy of all 500 stocks and some index funds. as mu
is not predicated on anything in the u.s. in order for this move to continue, we actually need an end game in europe and a stimulus in china. and we need them now. so my bottom line, if we don't get real positives in europe and china, we're not done going down. but if we do get those from those huge trading partners, that will offset the fiscal retaining wall that we may end up hitting. lorraine in my home state of new jersey. >> caller: yes. >> hey, lorraine, what's up? >> i'm calling about econo. is now the time to get in? >> a lot of people are on the fence as to whether natural gas is actually done going down, and i am not concerned about the -- i think the fracking stories are overdone. a very good statement today talking about it. i think the issue is that you've got to have natural gas go higher. i need to go to justin in indiana. justin. >> caller: boo-yah jim, it's justin. i want to get your thought about these home builders going higher? >> every time a home builder has a dramatic decline they have been buyable. i want to own it. paul in tennessee. paul? >> caller: hey, jim i was just want
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